Here at Scotty's Mid Cape Music School we offer:

  • a wide range of options for private instrument instruction
  • a solid foundation in the language of music and opportunities to fulfill your dreams
  • instruction in Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Piano, Ukulele, Strings (including Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass), Brass( including Tuba, Trumpet, Melophone,Trombone,and French Horn), Drums and Percussion, Voice and a host of other instruments. * if its not mentioned here just ask and we will get you started.
  • A faculty of top notch professional instructors.
  • A dedicated songwriting lab and a state of the art HD Digital recording studio suitable for tracking live performance or sound on sound recording.

We also  offer ensemble training and classes in Music Theory, Music Synthesis, Arranging, Songwriting, Media Production and Engineering, as well as any other necessary facet of education as it applies to Music Performance, Recording or business that may interest you. We tailor our instruction to your needs as you develop your musical skills.

Scotty's Promise;

"We will always do our best to offer you as much instruction as you require and as many opportunities to work with other musicians as possible. We will be there to support your needs as you progress through your career as a musician whether you do it for fun or as a full fledged career. We work with people of all ages from small children to seniors, professionals and folks who just like to play for their own amusement. We will always be here to support your journey through music."

Our method of instruction approaches music as a language with the understanding that the language can be used on any instrument or voice in more or less the same way. Though players will develop a passion for a particular instrument, all instruments are much like a typewriter as a mechanical means of expressing the language of your musical thoughts.Once you understand this musical language you are free to express yourself in many creative ways. Music is by far the simplest language on earth and its readily understood on some level by even by the uninitiated listener. It evokes emotion instantly and can express complex feelings in its performance. There are only 12 letters in the musical alphabet (half the number of most of the worlds spoken languages) and roughly fifty structures that need to be understood to play any song or piece of music ever written. So its a really easy language to master if you give yourself a little time and have good solid instruction on how the language works.


Over the years Scotty has had much success in conveying this message of holistic music education to thousands who have become competent guitarist over the last 30 years with his "Absolutely Understand Guitar" home video lesson program and with his private instruction students. These guitarists know not only how to play their instrument but also how to communicate with other musicians, not only guitar players and not only on paper but also in conversation and in performance with non verbal communication skills as well. Scotty and the other teachers here at the school.use the core curriculum of this method and apply it to every instrument. Each of our instructors is a specialist and performer first and can demonstrate proven technique and best practices on their chosen instrument. 


We offer a well rounded musical education presented in an order that makes sense, that is easy to follow and brings lasting rewards. We follow up with support. facilities,opportunities and continuing education that can add lasting value to your music and make your performances more memorable. We have options for the professional to help monetize your career and best of all we help you to develop a craft that will bring you satisfaction that will last a lifetime.